#SaveNeetPG. Calling India's Health Minister... Are you awake?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

By @apoorvamagic India. The Best Summary on NeetPG

Scandal has broken out in India following the ex Health Minister's admission that $30 billion dollars was involved in the country's medical seat sell off scam.  This accompanied by the sting operation by CNN-IBN demonstrated the corrupt practises that are ongoing at present. Thousands of good doctors have vented their frustrations over this institutional corruption that pervades the country. This is placing junior medical training under threat where money talks and real talent is ignored. Moreover, the net result is a threat to patient safety.

While the powers that be remain relatively unconcerned, the Medical Council of India has the responsibility to investigate this issue. So far the organisation has remained tight-lipped in the hope that publicity will eventually water down and eventually disappear. The fact is that we are waiting for their plan of action. The Ex Health Minister admitted that politicians were involved in this issue yet the current Health Minister appears to have taken no responsibility for the manifestly dishonest if not fraudulent manner in which medical training is operating in India. It is as if they all believe that if they ignore the issue, it will eventually go away. It won't of course. Questions will continue to be asked regarding the lax and unacceptable attitude of the authorities with respect to corruption in medicine.

The story is outlined here on IBTL - The 30 Billion Dollar Medical Seat Scam.

The Health Minister needs to wake up to the seriousness of this issue. His failure to act is currently resulting in a catastrophe both in India and internationally.


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