The Gold Diggers Bill

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sign the petition to ensure a safety net against gold diggers. 

I am not quite sure what is happening in India as equality appears to have been thrown out of the window. Please read the criticisms of the new clause for the Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act. The fact remains that when two people get married in a country like India, its impossible to tell whether one party is a gold digger. The phenomena has never been investigated or recognized properly. Since women search out rich men purposely and are more likely to marry them, the impact of this act may well be devastating to the husband. The male salary appears to be the biggest deciding factor in the union between two people in India. A divorce designed to grab  the husband's assets is not impossible. 

Extract from this You Tube.

IrBM - Irretrievable break down of Marriage, upcoming new clause for divorce Under Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act, which makes violations Basic Human rights in multiple ways.. This bill is a clear violation of article 1,article 7, Article 16 of Universal Declaration of Human rights.

Some of the silent features of this new divorce law

1. The bill has provisions for wife to oppose the divorce on grounds of "Financial Hardship", however, husband does not have the same right.
2. Under the guise of "Financial Hardship", husband's property will be given to wife.
3. However, wife's property won't be considered.
4. The bill does not give any significance to various factors like duration of marriage, contribution of wife towards building the property while dividing it.
5. The bill does not respect pre-nuptials like western countries.
6. The bill also talks of diving ancestral, inherited and inheritable property of husband in which wife would have provided no contribution towards building it.
7. The bill is also silent on the status/stature of other matrimonial sections like 498A IPC, Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC, if already filed by the wife on the husband.
8. The bill does not guarantee either immunity or automatic closure of other litigation, as mentioned above, should divorce be granted under the new ground.
9. The bill does not contain any safeguards for husband from false cases but does guarantee that he will lose his hard-earned property.
10. The bill provides provision for quick divorce with wife getting a lot to gain by breaking the marriage.


  1. menseekjustice said...:

    This video is better and covers the entire Dharna in Delhi

  1. Anonymous said...:

    if people really want to protest this bill we need to get our petition to 10,000 signatures.

    Its a pity for cats and dogs or a raj babbar you get 15000 votes in a day but something that will destroy our entire lives we struggle to get the numbers together
    here are links to petition

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